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Finn Mauritzen
Finn Mauritzen
Since the first day of my first job, I knew that employee ownership was the most logical way to work. In the culture where I lived, it was a largely unknown phenomenon. I was unable to find anyone who would be interested in owning a small business with me, so I remained employed most of the time.

Recently, an acquaintance urged me to give it another try so I did. I quickly learned that although the environment had begun to change, it was still going to be a long journey. I decided that starting a new business made little sense, but converting an existing business to employee ownership might be possible so I began to study that. It turned out that some, not many, but some had already done this and documented what they did so I would not have to re-invent the wheel all over again.

Every business is different. Every owner is different. Clearly, every conversion will be different in some aspect or other. To prepare for that, I have begun to connect with people who have experience in converting businesses to employee ownership so we can tap into their expertise. I am ready to help you with your business transition.

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